Lambing Live


At Knockaloe Beg Farm we love letting our visitors have as much access as we can to our animals. They are handled every day so we know their individual characteristics and temperaments. This means we can get up close to our ewes while they are delivering their lambs and we often let our guests assist in deliveries. A pair of long orange gloves, some clean straw and away you go, under Farmer John's expert guidance. John checks the lamb is in place ready for delivery and then you can assist the ewe by pulling the lamb out. Many of our sheep lamb with no assistance but we help ones which are taking a bit longer than usual. Lambing is a very exciting time and delivering your first lamb a real privilege – we have had many people in tears with the emotion of it! We time our lambing season to coincide with when children are on their Easter holidays so as many people as possible can enjoy Lambing Live! Sheep are pregnant for approximately 147 days (around 5 months), so we put the rams with them in November for April lambs. The rams have a coloured raddle paint [...]

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Meet the Team


Over recent years, as our business has grown, so has the size of the team of people we need to help make your holiday or visit as enjoyable as possible. We're proud to employ many people from our local community, some seasonally, and some all year round. Have a look at this new page on our website to see who works here: Meet the Team

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