The importance of local produce


Have you ever been grocery shopping and seen the sign that says, “think local, buy local”? What does that mean to you? For us at Knockaloe Beg it means that we buy as much local produce as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and help the Island become more self-sufficient and sustainable. If you’ve eaten breakfast at our B&B you will know how tasty Fiona’s cooked breakfasts are and we believe that it’s not just because Fiona has made it, but because everything is fresh and from good local suppliers. ’The bacon, sausages and black pudding you are served are [...]

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First Week of Chloe’s Internship


Hello! My name is Chloe and I have just started an eight week internship with John and Fiona at Knockaloe Beg Farm. I was really excited to hopefully help make our social media and website more informative, engaging and reflective of farm life, and running a tourist business. On arrival I was welcomed with a smile and hug by Fiona who then gave me a tour of the farm accommodation. We did the washing up from the breakfasts of the guests and did room change overs, where we cleaned and got the rooms ready for the next guests who were [...]

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