Hello! My name is Chloe and I have just started an eight week internship with John and Fiona at Knockaloe Beg Farm. I was really excited to hopefully help make our social media and website more informative, engaging and reflective of farm life, and running a tourist business.

On arrival I was welcomed with a smile and hug by Fiona who then gave me a tour of the farm accommodation. We did the washing up from the breakfasts of the guests and did room change overs, where we cleaned and got the rooms ready for the next guests who were coming. In this process I was able to observe the little things John and Fiona do in their rooms and accommodation to welcome guests.

Local Manx honey!

Each room has all your refreshment  needs (tea, coffee, kettle, mugs etc) but also small touches that make a difference. Each room has complimentary items such as port and sherry for you to drink, Manx honey, jam, Fiona’s homemade flapjacks and a welcome booklet including the story of John and Fiona, and how they have built this farm up to be an inclusive place where people can find peace and rest.

Fiona’s homemade flapjacks! Yum!

One thing I have learned and something that I appreciate about this farm is the focus on environmentally friendly and locally sourced items. For example any food or drink that can be locally sourced (bread, milk, cheese etc) are. All cleaning products are from eco-friendly brands that not only make the earth happy but the workers happy, so I’ve been challenged this week to think about waste and how it can be reused, recycled or composted for the environment.

Being on a farm can be quite a mucky place and so I knew to bring two very essential farm items. Wellys and a coat! The farm is surrounded with friendly animals and  lengthy fields so you need the right footwear to herd the sheep, trek through the muddy parts of foot paths and you need the right coat to withstand a possible Manx windy day! The

Feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs!

wellys have come in handy, as on Tuesday I helped feed the  chickens and collect the eggs. Speaking of chickens, I made an instagram reel off this which you can watch on our instagram @knockaloebegfarm. On Wednesday Farmer John, the other intern Jane and myself trekked up to one of the top fields and rebuilt a section  of the wall so my big coat came in handy as the Manx wind picked up.

Building the wall with Farmer John!

The thing I have really liked doing this week is taking pictures of our adventures and the lovey nature that we have here. The views at the farm are freeing and extraordinary and I feel very blessed to be taking pictures off the very beautiful gem of God’s earth!

Fiona and I have a like minded attitude when it comes to administration and so we sat down on Monday to have a detailed conversation on what is expected of me and the vision for the farm social media. This has gotten me all excited for the wonderful things and exciting activities we will be posting. Like National Hug a Sheep Day on the 30th October.

  I’m enthusiastic to continue this internship and  to learn all off the wonderful things that make this farm, Knockaloe Beg Farm.

The stunning views of the Manx countryside!