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Responsible Visitor Charter

Our aim is to reduce our energy consumption and become a carbon neutral business. We have a ground source heat pump (and air source for the Stables) along with energy efficient light bulbs, wherever possible in existing fittings.

We have a good recycling system for everything that can be recycled on the Isle of Man. All our windows are double glazed, argon filled, low-e glazing with tight seals.

We are continually striving to reduce our carbon footprint on the farm. Should you have any suggestions on how we can improve upon our policies, please talk to one of the family.

Here are a few examples of how you can help us achieve our goal and ultimately help the environment whilst staying with us:

Conserve energy

We invite you to switch off lights when not needed and close windows if the heating is on, especially when you leave your room. Please also switch any appliances off that are not in use, including turning the TV off rather than leaving it on standby. The Energy Saving Trust provides information on what you can do at home.

Give the car a rest

Leave the car behind, if only for a day. Walk, cycle or use public transport. Please contact Fiona who will happily provide you with public transport advice. Full details of transport links can also be found on our website or in the bookcase in the porch. Bikes can be hired, and usually delivered to the farm, from Peel.

Shop Local

Use local products, they give you a flavour of the Isle of Man and help support local communities. We are fortunate to have some fantastic producers of food, drink and arts and crafts. We shop at the local Peel shop, Shoprite which is a staunch supporter of Manx produce and have meat delivered by our butcher. Ask us about local markets or local and regional produce. Most of what we provide you is local, organic and/or Fairtrade.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You can help support us in our efforts to recycle – please leave your newspapers, bottles and cans beside the bin ready for recycling. All our self-catering accommodation has recycling bins.

Be water wise

We invite you to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and only fill the kettle with the amount of water required. Towel Policy – towels are replaced when required by leaving in the bathtub. If you do not require towels to be replaced, please leave them hanging on the rail.

Respect nature

Help us to look after the landscape and wildlife by not littering, guarding against fire and using footpaths and cycle-ways responsibly. Ensure you follow the Countryside Code. When you are enjoying the local sights please remember to bag your rubbish and where possible recycle. Remember, when using designated walks please abide by the signposts and remain on the allocated pathways, which will help ensure our wildlife, fauna and flora, remain undisturbed and allowed to flourish naturally.

Support local culture and heritage

There are hundreds of businesses in the region trying to reduce their carbon footprints. By buying locally, using public transport, walking or cycling and visiting our heritage sites you are supporting this. By attending local events & festivals you are keeping the culture and heritage alive. Peel Heritage Trust.

Carbon offsetting

If you would like to offset your travel to the Isle of Man, or the carbon cost of being here, feel free to ask us how to do this.

Thank you for your help and please be assured no-one will check what you choose to do. The most important thing is that you have a lovely stay with us and we’d like you to come back in the future!

Finally, if you feel there is anything else we could be doing to reduce our environmental impact please inform Fiona or John.

Tesla EV charging

We have a Tesla charging point available for all our guests so there’s no need to worry about finding a free charging point around the Island.

A Greener Knockaloe Beg

  • Winners of 2018 BIOSPHERE Isle of Man award for Education and Public Awareness
  • We adhere to all relevant environmental legislations
  • We are trying to reduce pollution
  • We are always trying for continual environmental improvement
  • Excellent insulation
  • Efficient ground source heat pump
  • Under-floor heating
  • Recycling
  • Locally-sourced produce
  • Wood-burning stoves, cook on wood

UNESCO Biosphere Award Winners

UNESCO Biosphere award winners
  • Protecting our natural resources
  • Developing our economy in a sustainable way
  • Supporting and promoting our cultural heritage
  • Making our environmental impact positive wherever possible
  • Engaging with the local community
  • Promoting our outstanding living landscapes through active involvement with Biosphere Isle of Man

Green News

UNESCO Biosphere Winners

By |11 January 2019|Categories: Environment, The farm|

We are excited to be accepted as a Partner with the Isle of Man UNESCO Biosphere, and proud to be the winner of their first ever award for Education and Public Awareness in 2018. Biosphere said: “Qualified teachers John and Fiona Anderson put education at their heart of their 200-acre operation and host ‘open farm’ days, school visits and birthday parties, passing on their passion for the environment, agriculture and community and how they work together in our Biosphere.”

We have such a wonderful Island to live and work on and to share with our visitors, so it is a privilege to partner with them.

The vision is exciting, especially linking the environment with culture and community. Do visit the website www.biosphere.im to find out more, or any of their social media sites.

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