“Born in the Barn”

Early December

For the past few years we, at Knockaloe Beg Farm, in conjunction with Living Hope Church, have put on live performances of the Christmas story in our barn, acted out by children from across the Island.

We have a host of animals; a donkey for Mary, Shetland ponies for the wise men, lambs, sheep, goats and rabbits for the shepherds (don’t ask where the rabbits came in the story…), lowing cattle in the stable and numerous cats and kittens to amuse the children.

The children who come are the actors, no rehearsals need, we do a dress rehearsal just before we start as we set the scene.

We have lots of costumes which we give everyone and delicious refreshments at the end.

Last year we had all the secondary unit children for a performance and it was the most moving part of my Christmas by far.

The script is will narrated, and the children act out the story with the help of adult helpers.

A great way to start the Christmas festivities, tickets sell out like hot cakes!

How to find us:


Watch out for ticket details on our Facebook page

Born in the Barn
Born in the Barn at Knockaloe Beg Farm - Nativity play
Born in the Barn at Knockaloe Beg Farm
Born in the Barn
Born in the Barn
Born in the Barn
Born in the Barn

Health and safety

  • Please be vigilant with your children about not putting their hands in their mouths at all and very good hand washing after touching the animals.
  • All clothing that has been in contact with the animals should be washed when you get home and shoes/boots must be cleaned and disinfected BEFORE and AFTER visiting the farm to protect yourself and our animals.
  • PREGNANT women should avoid visiting the Farm between mid-March and the end of April when we are lambing.