Meet the Team @ Knockaloe Beg Farm

John & Fiona Anderson have a shared vision for establishing a sustainable enterprise, motivated by a concern for the world we live in, which we want to be stewards of as best we can.

We have 4 children: Zoe, Tom, Kate and Amy, and run our business as a family enterprise.  We all spend time with our guests in the house and around the farm; making cups of tea, baking cakes and helping with the animals.

John and Fiona with lambs
Fiona Anderson
Fiona AndersonHouse Manager & Director

Fiona enjoys running the Tourist accommodation side of Knockaloe Beg Farm. She has overseen the building and development of this since 2005 and now co-ordinates the ‘inside stuff’. She spends most of her time running the Guest House and sorting out bookings for the other properties but can often be seen walking her dogs or riding her Highland pony.

John Anderson
John AndersonFarmer & Director

John has farmed Knockaloe Beg Farm since 2005, taking over the role from his brother and father before him. He has a background in Primary school teaching and has also worked in Africa encouraging Agriculture in Primary Schools. He is wanting to create a place where people learn about farming as well as looking after the land and having fun! John and Fiona have 4 gorgeous children who come and go between the Farm, Universities and jobs.

Liz May
Liz MayAdministrator

Liz keeps the office sorted. She also is working on taming the gardens and planting several areas of woodland with us. She has lived on the Island since 2005 and enjoys Classic motorbikes. She works in book-keeping as well as managing several other gardens around the Island.

Joy Cowell
Joy CowellHousekeeper

Joy has worked with us since 2017. After spending many years in the Canary Islands, she returned to the Island where she was brought up, to spend more time with family. You will hear her racing round the house – never ask how many steps she does a day!!

Alice Grady
Alice GradyHousekeeper

Alice came back to work with us in 2018. Coming from Ireland originally, she has lived in the Island for 35 years with her two, now grown up, children. She lives in Glen Maye and enjoys walking around the local area.

David Quayle
David QuayleFarm Worker

David has worked with John running the farm since 2013, after studying Agriculture at Myerscough College. He lives in Peel and enjoys walking his dog.

Angie & Chris Astley
Angie & Chris AstleyHoliday Managers

Angie and Chris are our lifesavers as they enable us to go on holiday! They live in Foxdale and move in every so often to run our business so we can go away. Angie is a fantastic cook, Chris does something fancy with aeroplanes… They have 3 grown up children similar ages to ours.

Chris Littler
Chris LittlerWebsite Manager

Chris looks after our website and helps out with social media, and also helped us set up orienteering on the farm and Corrin’s hill. He can often be seen on the farm with a camera making images to help promote us.  Chris loves the west of the Island in particular and knows more than most people about what’s going on in Peel and the west, having managed Peel Commissioners’ website since 2002.

We also have a host of temporary staff in the summer to run the Café, Open Farm and help with changeovers, but the folk above work with us all year.